Tuesday, January 24, 2012

About PLKN ( Pusat Latihan Khidmat Negara )

Hello ! I am finally blogging about PLKN (Pusat Latihan Khidmat Negara) Who's excited? ME? I don't think I am anymore !

So basically this is what happened : 

1 . I asked my friend (Mun Wei) to go to the PLKN web site to check if I got selected 
WHY DID I ASK MUN WEI ? coz his internet or line is able to load the page while most of my friends + me can't ! This is not the worst part  yet

After keying in my IC :  it says " Congratulation , you have been selected to undergo the training " ( in Bahasa Malaysia ) 

Mun Wei told me that I got selected but I die also don't believe what he said as he always fools around ! BUT ITS A FACT coz he printscreen for me ! I was like shouted out "WTF ! THIS IS FUCKING SERIOUS ! I FEEL LIKE FUCKING DYING ! FUUUCKKKK ! " All those !@#$%^&*() just came out automatically from my mouth haha 
and because of all my shouting and stuffs , I woke up my family in the middle of the night ! LOL Dramatic 

Then, I tweeted that I wanted to commit suicide and stuffs like that ( How silly right ? ) and all my friends in twitter were like "WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU ? WHAT HAPPENED ?"  haha

2. So after a month I went to the website and to see which camp they will place me and it's KEM CAHAYA GEMILANG, CHERATING , PAHANG 

As you can see from above , I have to report duty on the first day of 2012 ! HOW "GREAT" ??? pffftt

However , I was able/forced to accept it ! So yeah !!! I kept on telling myself I have to stay positive and I can be super muscular after that and this training thing will be over in a blink of an eye ( SO NOT ) 

All those who got selected from KL must gathered at a place called ZETRO !Look at me  : Walking with style **flips hair while I still have my hair haha  

A closer view ; I know I can't turn back anymore T___T
Look at the amount of people ; It's like the whole after-SPM-candidates  gathered at here 

I finally found where I have to queue up ! The queue is like those fans queuing for fan meeting or something #wtf 

I have no idea how those people stand under the scorching sun like seriously ! You will melt in no time LOL
Thank god my lovely mom gave me an umbrella :) 

and my mom is being a paparazi ; she is taking picture of me all the time wtf 


PAPARAZI MOMMY again LOL ! My mom is so funny 

Hey look it's me AGAIN ! and do you see the guy with specs standing behind me ? His name is Ben ! Know him in the bus and he is like one of my buddy in the camp now LOL 

Btw the guy in black holding a bottle is like a guy from my school  haha but he is different camp from me 

It's finally my turn , the COACH ( from the shirt he is wearing) is checking my Identification Card and all the other documents ! 

**Staring at the Coach!** The first bus was fully occupied and I have to sit the second bus ! ppftt :( 

Looking for my bus that's nowhere to be found ! Pissed off that time as it was so hot some more 

A picture with my Paparazi Mommy ! 

and a picture with my Dad (has not shown to the public in my blog before) LOL ! 
My head's bigger than my dad's !!!!!!!!!!!!

See , I am leaving happily ; did not burst into tears ! But I am kind of sad for my mom and dad as this was my first time leaving them to a 3 hours ride place (Pahang) for like 18 years staying with them !
It's time for me to GROW UP and BE A MAN !!! 

Did some Shitty face to make my parents laugh ! 

I have been tweeting and sending text messages non-stop in the bus until my battery dies wtf

I swear I started to feel the pressure and awkwardness in the bus as NO ONE WAS SITTING BESIDE ME / WANTED TO APPROACH ME ! **Is my face to lansi for them ? but I was smiling all the time until my cheek hurts lor :(

The tweet that I found ! Yee Hui and her sister were looking for me that day ! haha and thanks for your advice Yee Wen , appreciate it :')   

So after talking to my friends and asking them for advice , I made the first move to talk to some people and starting to make friends ! I am actually quite good in making friends after all haha 

** Stay tune for more updates ! **

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Lynnie said...

I wanted to go to NS so badly cause it seemed so fun LOL... Guess I wasn't as 'lucky' as you guys, huh? XD